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 What is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is a balloon that is placed in stomach  for  limited time (6-12 months), and enables the patient to get full early and comply with the diet by taking up space in the stomach

It is an ideal option especially for those who are afraid of surgery.

 What does the Gastric Balloon do?

The gastric balloon occupies a certain volume in the stomach, allowing the person to stay full for a long time and helps to be satiated with small portions.

 Types of Gastric Balloons?

  - According to manufacturing mainly there are tow type of gastric balloons, 
1- classical gastric balloon. needs anesthesia and endoscopy.

2- Those performed without the need for endoscopy (ellipse gastric balloon)

  - There are 3 types of balloons according to their duration

1- Gastric balloon for 4 months (capsule gastric balloon)

2- Gastric balloon for 6 months.

3- Gastric balloon for 12 months.

Who is the Gastric Balloon suitable for?

It can be applied to almost any patient between the ages of 15-70 with a BMI over 27 who has weight problems.

 Who is the Gastric Balloon not suitable for?

- Those who have had stomach or intestinal surgery.

- It is not applied to those who have a large stomach hernia, stomach ulcer, and those who have had a heart attack in the last 6 months.

How many kilos can be lost with the Gastric Balloon?

By providing 6 months of functional nutritional support, Our patients lose approximately 15-25% of their current weight.

 What are the advantages of Gastric Balloon?

  -Does not require surgery.

  -15 minutes to take

  -Return to normal life on the same day

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