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Capsule Gastric Balloon


 What is the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon?

Previously known as the 'Elipse Balloon', the Allurion Balloon is a pill balloon capsule, which is swallowed under the guidance of our Healthcare Professionals without anaesthesia or endoscopy

 How is the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon made?

After taking the recommended medications and stop eating for 8 hours before the operation. The capsule is swallowed with a glass of water. Then, after clarifying the location of the capsule in the stomach by x-ray, it is then inflated with 550 cc of liquid. After the balloon site is x-rayed a second time, the intermediate connection is removed and the process is terminated.

 What are the advantages of the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon?

  - Performing the procedure without the need for endoscopy and anesthesia.

  - 15 minutes to take

  - Return to normal life on the same day

  - There is no need to remove the balloon again, it melts in an average of 4 months and is thrown out naturally.

 Who is the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon suitable for?

  It can be applied to almost any patient between the ages of 15-70 with a BMI over 27 who has weight problems.

 Who is the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon not suitable for?

- Who have had stomach or intestinal surgery.

- It is not applied to who have a large stomach hernia, stomach ulcer, or who have had a heart attack in the last 6 months.

 How much weight can be lost with the Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon?

By providing 6 months of functional nutritional support, our patients lose approximately 15-25% of their current weight.
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